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Latest revision as of 07:42, 4 April 2007

Names {{{name}}}, {{{names}}}
Category [[List of {{{type}}} knots|{{{type}}}]]
Category #2 [[List of {{{type2}}} knots|{{{type2}}}]]
Efficiency {{{strength}}}
Origin {{{origin}}}
Related {{{related}}}
Releasing {{{releasing}}}
Typical use {{{uses}}}
Caveat {{{caveat}}}
ABoK {{{abok_number}}}


| name=        <!-- Canonical name-->
| names=       <!-- Variant Name(s), DO NOT include the original name here -->
| image=       <!-- Use ONLY the filename, not a full [[Image:]] link -->
| caption=     <!-- image caption -->
| type=        <!-- Category (bend, binding, coil, decorative, hitch, lashing,
                        loop, plait, slip, seizing, sennit, splice, stopper,
                        trick, or whipping) in LOWER CASE
                    This automatically places the knot in the named category
                    and places a link to a list of knots of that type -->
| type2=       <!-- Additional category for knots that can be classified in two cats -->
| strength=    <!-- Efficiency -->
| origin=      <!-- Only fill in if known and w/refs -->
| related=     <!-- links to related knots -->
| releasing=   <!-- jamming/non-jamming -->
| uses=        <!-- Typical use -->
| caveat=      <!-- List any warnings or unusual characteristics of knot
| abok_number= <!-- number(s) from The Ashley Book of Knots --
                    prefix with # (e.g. #1010);
                    '''bold''' primary entries if a list -->

A version to paste into new articles:

| name=
| names= 
| image= 
| caption=
| type= 
| type2= 
| strength= 
| origin= 
| related= 
| releasing= 
| uses= 
| caveat= 
| abok_number=