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Template:Infobox WorldScouting

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This template is to be used for all Scouting organizations (groups, troops, sites, etc).


{{infobox WorldScouting
| type       = organization or event or campsite or award (defaults to organization)
| image      = Picture name (optional) (PNG or SVG format preferred)
| image-size = Image size, defaults (strongly recommended) to 140px
| caption    = Caption to the picture (optional)
| . Use English name of organization if applicable
| name       = Name of the Scout organization in original language
| headquarters = Headquarters name or location (optional)
| location   = City or place (optional)
| country    = Name of the country this organization is in
| f-date     = Date of foundation (wikilink when a specific date)
| founder    = Name of the founder (optional)
| award-for  = What is the award for
| members    = Number of members, recipients, or attendants (optional)
| chiefscouttitle = Formal title of below (default Chief Scout)
| chiefscout = name of chief scout/guide, head of organization (optional)
| . If the organization has more than one such person (e.g., both a Chief Scout
| . and a president) it is recommended to follow the example of the [[World Organization of the Scout Movement|WOSM]] entry
| owner      = Name of owner (optional)