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These articles are appearing every month on the front page. The amount can be expanded to 53 articles, if necessary. The wikicode on the front page then has to be altered from MONTH to WEEK.

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1 A walking stick is a tool used by many people to assist walking. Walking sticks come in many shapes and sizes, even leading some people to collect them. Walking sticks are used by hikers for a wide variety of purposes.
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A Scout (in some countries a Boy Scout) is usually between 11 to 18 years of age. Because of the large age and development span, many Scouting associations have split this age group in a junior and a senior section. Scouts are organized into troops averaging twenty to thirty Scouts under guidance of one or more Scout Leaders. Troops subdivide into patrols of about six Scouts and engage in outdoor and special interest activities. Some national Scouting associations have special interest programs such as Air Scouts, Sea Scouts, outdoor high adventure, Scouting bands, and rider scouts.

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