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  • ...=Merit Badge Field Guide |publisher=Downs Printing Inc | year=2003 | pages=Pages i-xi }}</ref> The number of badges available has been as high as 140 and, ...k | edition =Ninth edition | publisher=Boy Scouts of America | year=1979 | pages = Page 533 | id=ISBN 0-8395-3227-X}}</ref> Other mandatory badges include
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  • ...hic coordinate system''' ('''GCS''') is a [[coordinate system]] associated with [[position (geometry)|positions]] on [[Earth]] ('''geographic position'''). ...Astronomy |url = |pages = 102–103 |publisher=Oxford University Press |year=1998 |location=Oxford,
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  • ...are [[north]], south, east and west. A compass can be used in conjunction with a [[chronometer]] and a [[sextant]] to provide a very accurate [[navigation be considered a compass. A '''compass dial''' is a small pocket compass with a [[sundial]]. A '''variation compass''' is a specific instrument of a deli
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  •]] and land surveying. GPS also provides a precise [[time transfer|time reference]] used in many applications including scientific study of [[earthquake]]s, ...n]] of the [[orbital node|ascending node]] (angle along the equator from a reference point to the orbit's intersection).<ref name="GPS overview from JPO">[http:
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