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School Night for Scouting: From June to August, watch your District Roundtable for training cub scout recruiting, and organizing School Night for Scouting in your area. Typically the biggest recruiting event of the year for most scouting units.
Back to School Night (Fall Recruiting) - a one night event at the start of the school year, where we provide the opportunity to sign-up for Cub Scouts at every elementary school in the district. Most new scouting recruits come from this event. Ask your district executives which schools (public, private, charter, church-school, home-school, etc) are in your neighborhood and have not been assigned to a Cub Pack as of yet.
# '''Lots of Pictures:''' Use a large tri-fold poster board.
# '''Class A Uniform:''' If students are present then have scouts there. Class A uniforms are best for elementary school,
# '''Class B Uniform:''' BestBetter for middlerecruiting schoolin recruiting.minority or low income neighborhoods.
# '''Class B Uniform:''' Best for middle school and high school recruiting for Troops, Crews, and Ships.
# '''No Uniform:''' Invite a couple of troop moms (with daughters/sons in the troops) there at the table, not in uniform, to talk with other moms.
# '''[https://insanescouter.org/p/3383/34/School_Night_for_Cub_Scouting.html School Night for Cub Scouting]''' - One evening is designated for all parents to gather at the school to learn about and hopefully join Cub Scouting.
# '''[[School Open House]] (Spring Recruiting)''' -
# '''[[School Festivals]] (Mid-Year Recruiting)''' -
=== Boosting Recruitment Night Success===