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Hello. My name is Aleksander Matsiyevskyy, my scout name is BigFox. I am ready to translate to/from Ukrainian, English, Russian, Polish (and later also Spanish) languages. I would like to start with a new Ukrainian wiki - please, can anybody create the new main page, which I am going to translate into Ukrainian? There are one scoutportal and few pages are into ukrainian languages . I am ready to work.--[[User:OUS-2|Aleksander Matsiyevskyy]] 22:13, 17 april 2009 (EET)
:Starting an Ukrainian Scoutwiki is no problem, but we must be sure that the wiki will be active. People must regularly write articles and the wiki must be maintained: spam removed, spell checked, redirects and categories made, layout improved etc. We saw you are the the president of one of the Ukrainian Scouting organisations, that is no problem. But an Ukrainian Scoutwiki must be open for all Ukrainian speaking Scouts, you must be willing to allow members from other Scouting organisations to write about their interpretation of Scouting. --[[User:Egel|Egel]] 16:38, 17 April 2009 (UTC)