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Sojuz na Izvidnici na Makedonija

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File:Sojuz na Izvidnici na Makedonija membership badge.png
Membership badge of Sojuz na Izvidnici na Makedonija

Sojuz na Izvidnici na Makedonija, the national Scouting organization of Macedonia, became a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement in 1997. The coeducational Sojuz na Izvidnici na Makedonija has 1,964 members as of 2004.

History of Macedonian Scouting

Scouting activities in Macedonia began in 1921 under the Kingdom of Yugoslavia with the formation of groups known as Stegs in the cities of Skopje, Kumanovo, Štip, Strumica, Bitola, and Struga. As part of Yugoslavia, Macedonia was a founding member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement from 1922 to 1948. In this period, summer camps, courses and other Scouting events were held. Until 1941, Macedonian youth was organized in Scouts and Falcons (Sokól, a Slavic youth movement founded in Prague in 1862).

Scouting in Yugoslavia was coopted by the Tito government in 1950, at which time WOSM membership was forfeited. In November, 1953 Sojuz na Izvidnici na Makedonija was officially founded, on the initiative of former Scout organization members, as a branch of the Yugoslav Scout association Savez Izviđača Jugoslavije, which it remained until the Yugoslav breakup.

Immediately after Macedonia had proclaimed independence on September 8, 1991, Sojuz na Izvidnici na Makedonija members made efforts to be admitted to the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). Sojuz na Izvidnici na Makedonija was officially declared an independent, nonpolitical and nongovernmental organization of young people in 1993. Macedonia became a full member of the World Organization membership on July 25, 1997. As of 2001, Sojuz na Izvidnici na Makedonija had 1,964 registered Scouts, male and female, assigned in 21 units all over the country. The primary geographic structure of Sojuz na Izvidnici na Makedonija is the District, generally conforming to municipality boundaries. Today, SIM is the largest youth organization in the Republic of Macedonia.

Program Sections

  • Cub Scouts-7 to 11
  • Scouts-12 to 15
  • Rovers-16 to 20

The Scout Motto is "Bidi Spremen", translating as "Be Prepared" in Macedonian.

Scout Law

The Scout Laws are:

  • A Scout should be trusted. (На извидникот му е чест да му веруваат)
  • A Scout is helpful. (извидникот е корисен)
  • A Scout is a good friend. (Извнидникот е добар другар)
  • A Scout is courteous. (Извидникот е учтив)
  • A Scout is an optimist (Извидникот е оптимист)
  • A Scout is fatefull and responsible. (Извидникот е верен и одговорен)
  • A Scout studies hard and uses knowledge. (Извидникот постојано учи да ги применува стекнатите знаења)
  • A Scout respects the nature. (Извидникот ја цени природата)
  • A Scout respects and develops spiritual and cultural values. (Извнидникот ги цени и развива духовните и културните вредности)
  • A Scout is one in thought, talk and deeds. (Извидникот е во мислите, зборовите и делата)

External links and references

Partially distilled from Eurofax 59, August 1997. Eurofax is the monthly newsletter of the European Region of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). It is produced by the European Scout Office and is distributed by fax to all member associations in the European Scout Region and the Europe Region WAGGGS, and others.

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