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== External link ==
== External link ==
*[http://www.snugpak.com Snugpak Website]
*[http://www.snugpak.com Snugpak Website]

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Snugpak is the tradename of manufacturer Snugpak Ltd. Products include quality sleeping bags, rucksacks, and warm outdoor clothing. The family-owned company is situated in the West Yorkshire village of Silsden, England. A number of their products are used by the British military.

Their products can be divided in two ranges:

Code Green include products designed for military, usually Olive Drab/Black/Coyote Brown colors. Is the most comprehensive range, including clothing (Sleeka/Softie/Sasquatch jackets, salopettes, Pile Pants) and backpacks (Bergen, RocketPak, Sleeka Force 35)

Survival Range is a collection of civilian/outdoor enthusiast products.

Between this ranges, many products are usually the same, the only difference is colour (Softie/Sleeper range of sleeping bags)

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