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This article is on an award for the Venturing program in the Boy Scouts of America. For the Girl Scouts of the USA award, see "Silver Award."
File:Venturing Silver Award Knot.jpg
The coresponding knot, which can be worn by all recipients.

Venturing Silver is an award for eligible Venturing Scouts in the Boy Scouts of America. It requires Venturers to first earn a Bronze and Gold Award (though they must be awarded sequentialy, the requirements can otherwise be completed simultaneously), have one year's tenure in a crew, and fulfill reqirements relating to emergency preparedness, leadership skills, and ethics-in-action.

Originally the Silver Award was used when the Exploring program began in 1950, but as the program turned more towards a career emphasis, it fell out of use and was last awarded in 1966. It was brought back in August of 1998 as part of the current Venturing program, and its current design is similar to its historic counterpart.

As the highest award in Venturing, it is similar to the Eagle Scout and Quartermaster Award for the main Boy Scout and the Sea Scouting programs, respectively.

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