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Scouts et Guides de France
Scouts et Guides de France
Foundation : 2004
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Founders : Scouts de France et Guides de France
Country : France
President : Guillaume Légaut
Chiefscout : Claude Morael
Headquarters : 65 rue de la Glacière ;75013 Paris
Website :
members : 51000
Affiliated to :

World Organization of the Scout Movement

World Organization of the Scout Movement.

World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts

World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.
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Scouts et Guides de France (SGdF) is the largest Scouting and Guiding association in France. It was formed on 1st September 2004 from the merger of two Roman Catholic Scouting organizations: the Guides de France (founded in 1923) and the Scouts de France (SdF, founded on 25 July 1920). Through Scoutisme Français, SGdF is a member of both WOSM and WAGGGS.

SGdF claims 50,000 youth members (2006). It is active in the rebirth of Scouting in Ukraine and Belarus and strengthening Scouting in French Polynesia.

The red Jerusalem Cross with the fleur-de-lys is the symbol of the Scouts de France. designed by Father Jacques Sevin, co-founder of the Fédération des Scouts de France.


Programme Sections:

  • Sarabandes (Beavers): ages 6 to 8
  • Louveteaux/Louvettes/Jeannettes (Cubs): ages 8 to 12
  • Scouts/Scoutes/Guides: ages 11 to 15
  • Pionniers/Pionnières/Caravelles (Explorers): ages 14 to 17
  • Compagnons/JEM (Rovers): ages 17 to 21
  • Mousses (Sea Scouts): ages 14 to 17
  • Arc-en-ciel (Rainbow): handicapped division

The Scout motto is "Toujours Prêt", which translates as "Be Prepared" in French.

SdF's Old Scout Oath :

Sur mon honneur, et avec la grâce de Dieu, je m'engage a servir de mon mieux, Dieu, l'Église et la patrie, à aider mon prochain en toutes circonstances et à observer la loi scoute.
On my honor and with the grace of God, I promise to do my best to serve God, the church and my country, help my neighbour in any circumstance and to observe the Scout's Law.

SdF's Scout Law :

Version of 1964:

  1. Le scout met son honneur à mériter confiance.
    The Scout must strive to be trustworthy.
  2. Le scout est loyal à son pays, ses parents, ses chefs et ses subordonnés.
    The Scout is loyal to his country, his parents, his leaders and his subordinates.
  3. Le scout est fait pour servir et sauver son prochain.
    The Scout must serve and save his neighbour.
  4. Le scout est l'ami de tous et l'ami de tout autre Scout.
    The Scout is a friend of everybody and all other Scouts.
  5. Le scout est courtois et chevaleresque.
    The Scout is polite and chivalrous.
  6. Le scout voit dans la nature l'oeuvre de Dieu, il aime les plantes et les animaux.
    The Scout sees God's work in nature. He loves plants and animals.
  7. Le scout obéit sans réplique et ne fait rien à moitié.
    The Scout obeys without replying and does nothing by halves.
  8. Le scout est maître de soi, il sourit et chante dans les difficultés.
    The Scout is his own master, smiling and singing during hardships.
  9. Le scout est économe et prend soin du bien d'autrui.
    The scout is sparing and takes care of what is others.
  10. Le scout est pur dans ses pensées, ses paroles et ses actes.
    The Scout must be pure in his thoughts, words and actions.

Current version for the Scouts/Scoutes/Guide :

  • Le scout tient parole. En patrouille, je m’affirme et je fais des choix.
    The scout keeps his word. In my patrol, I stand my ground and I make decisions.
  • Le scout développe ses talents. En patrouille, j’invente et j’explore.
    The Scout develops his talents. In my patrol, I invent and I explore.
  • Le scout a l’esprit d’équipe. En patrouille, j’accueille et je rends service.
    The Scout has team spirit. In my patrol, I accept everybody and I serve.
  • Le scout prend soin de son corps. En patrouille, je me dépasse.
    The Scout takes care for his body. In my patrol, I surpass myself.
  • Dieu propose au scout, un chemin. En patrouille, je découvre en Jésus un ami.
    God proposes a way to the Scout. In my patrol, I discover a friend in Jesus.
  • Le scout respecte l’autre. Fille ou garçon, j’exprime mes sentiments.
    The Scout respects other people. Girl or boy, I express my feelings.

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  • Philippe Laneyrie, Les scouts de France, Editions du Cerf, ISBN 2-204-02318-3

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