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Scouts de Argentina
Scouts de Argentina
Scouts of Argentina
Country Argentina
Founded 1912
Membership 46,232

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Scouts de Argentina (Scouts of Argentina) is the national Scouting association of Argentina. Scouting was officially founded in Argentina in 1912, shortly after the publication of "Scouting For Boys" in Spanish, was granted a National Charter in 1917, and was among the charter members of the World Organization of the Scout Movement in 1922. Scouts de Argentina has 46,232 members (as of 2004).

A Scout patrol of Anglo-Argentine students greeted Baden-Powell on his way to visit Chile in 1908. In the late 1930s, a Catholic Scout Union (USCA) was created under the sponsorship of the Roman Catholic Church and operated separately until December 2, 1996, when INSA and USCA merged to form the Scouts of Argentina.


The Scout Motto is Siempre Listo, Always Prepared.

Scout Oath

Yo ... por mi honor y con la gracia de Dios, prometo hacer cuanto de mi dependa para cumplir mis deberes para con Dios, la patria, los demas y conmigo mismo, ayudar siempre al projimo y vivir la ley scout.

I, ... (name), promise on my honor and with the grace of God to do all that I can do to fulfill my debts against God, my country, the others and against myself, to help always my fellow men and to live the Scout Law.

Scout Law

  1. A scout loves God and lives his/her faith fully.
  2. A scout is loyal and worthy of all trust.
  3. A scout is generous, courteous, and shows solidarity.
  4. A scout is respectful and brother/sister of everyone.
  5. A scout defends and values the family.
  6. A scout loves and defends life and nature.
  7. A scout knows how to obey; he/she chooses and acts with responsibility.
  8. A scout is optimistic even through difficult times.
  9. A scout is economic, hard-working, and respectful of others' well being. (The Spanish phrase respetuoso del bien ajeno can also be translated as "respectful of others' goods and properties".)
  10. A scout is pure and leads a healthy life.

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