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== Scouting by County ==
== Scouting by County ==
* [[Scouting in Beaver County, Utah|Beaver County]]  
* [[Scouting in Beaver County, Utah|Beaver County]]  
* [[Scouting in Box Elder County, Utah]]  
* [[Scouting in Box Elder County, Utah|Box Elder County]]  
* [[Scouting in Cache County, Utah]]  
* [[Scouting in Cache County, Utah|Cache County]]  
* [[Scouting in Carbon County, Utah]]
* [[Scouting in Carbon County, Utah|Carbon County]]
* [[Scouting in Daggett County, Utah]]  
* [[Scouting in Daggett County, Utah|Daggett County]]  
* [[Scouting in Davis County, Utah]]  
* [[Scouting in Davis County, Utah|Davis County]]  
* [[Scouting in Duchesne County, Utah]]  
* [[Scouting in Duchesne County, Utah|Duchesne County]]  
* [[Scouting in Emery County, Utah]]  
* [[Scouting in Emery County, Utah|Emery County]]  
* [[Scouting in Garfield County, Utah]]  
* [[Scouting in Garfield County, Utah|Garfield County]]  
* [[Scouting in Grand County, Utah]]  
* [[Scouting in Grand County, Utah|Grand County]]  
* [[Scouting in Iron County, Utah]]  
* [[Scouting in Iron County, Utah|Iron County]]  
* [[Scouting in Juab County, Utah]]
* [[Scouting in Juab County, Utah|Juab County]]
* [[Scouting in Kane County, Utah]]  
* [[Scouting in Kane County, Utah|Kane County]]  
* [[Scouting in Millard County, Utah]]  
* [[Scouting in Millard County, Utah|Millard County]]  
* [[Scouting in Morgan County, Utah]]  
* [[Scouting in Morgan County, Utah|Morgan County]]  
* [[Scouting in Piute County, Utah]]
* [[Scouting in Piute County, Utah|Piute County]]
* [[Scouting in Rich County, Utah]]  
* [[Scouting in Rich County, Utah|Rich County]]  
* [[Scouting in Salt Lake County, Utah]]  
* [[Scouting in Salt Lake County, Utah|Salt Lake County]]  
* [[Scouting in San Juan County, Utah]]  
* [[Scouting in San Juan County, Utah|San Juan County]]  
* [[Scouting in Sanpete County, Utah]]
* [[Scouting in Sanpete County, Utah|Sanpete County]]
* [[Scouting in Sevier County, Utah]]  
* [[Scouting in Sevier County, Utah|Sevier County]]  
* [[Scouting in Summit County, Utah]]  
* [[Scouting in Summit County, Utah|Summit County]]  
* [[Scouting in Tooele County, Utah]]  
* [[Scouting in Tooele County, Utah|Tooele County]]  
* [[Scouting in Uintah County, Utah]]
* [[Scouting in Uintah County, Utah|Uintah County]]
* [[Scouting in Utah County, Utah]]  
* [[Scouting in Utah County, Utah|Utah County]]  
* [[Scouting in Wasatch County, Utah]]  
* [[Scouting in Wasatch County, Utah|Wasatch County]]  
* [[Scouting in Washington County, Utah]]
* [[Scouting in Washington County, Utah|Washington County]]
* [[Scouting in Wayne County, Utah]]  
* [[Scouting in Wayne County, Utah|Wayne County]]  
* [[Scouting in Weber County, Utah]]
* [[Scouting in Weber County, Utah|Weber County]]

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Scouting in Utah has a long history, from the 1910s to the present day, serving thousands of youth in programs that suit the environment in which they live.

Early history (1910-1950)

Since the 1920s, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been influential in the Boy Scouts of America, and it was adopted as an official youth program of the Church. It is not uncommon for Utah Boy Scouts of America Councils to field large, predominantly LDS troops and contingents to national and worldwide scouting events.

Recent history (1950-1990)

Up until the 1980s or 1990s, the Lake Bonneville Council covered northern Utah. Those districts are now part of the Trapper Trails Council.

BSA Scouting in Utah today

Local Councils

There are five Boy Scouts of America local councils in Utah.

BSA Scout Camps

See also Scouting in Nevada for many more nearby camps.

Camp Name Council Status Location Notes
Boulder Creek Scout Reservation
Del Webb High Adventure Base Las Vegas Area Council Summer Camp Zions National Park —located in the pines and aspens above Kolob Reservoir and Zion National Park in southern Utah
Camp Levi-Levi Las Vegas Area Council Summer Camp Hualapai Mountains Tall pine forests located south of Kingman AZ
Kimball Scout Reservation Las Vegas Area Council Summer Camp Mount Potosi, NV traditional scout summer camp that resembles a wild west mining town, but much cooler than Las Vegas about 40 minutes away.

Girl Scouting in Utah

There is one Girl Scout council office in Utah, Girl Scouts of Utah in Salt Lake City. The Cloud Rim Girl Scout Lodge in Brighton, Utah is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Web Site:

Girls Scouts of Utah serves over 9,000 girls in Utah, Freedonia, Arizona, and Wendover, Nevada.


  • Camp Cloud Rim is 27 acres at over 9,000 feet near Park City, Utah.
  • Trefoil Ranch is 123 acres near Provo, Utah.

The first Girl Scout troop in Utah was registered in 1921.

Scouting by County