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Welcome to the project page of the game exchange project!


The games section is one of the most visited sections of the scoutwiki. At least: this is the case on the Dutch scoutwiki. However: many of the games are already to be found elsewhere on the internet in the same language. This doesn't make the game section of the scoutwiki very original (although the Dutch scoutwiki tries to offer small variations on existing games at this moment).

Every scoutwiki in other languages may encounter this same problem. However: It is reasonable to think that each country has a specific set of popular games, which are unknown (or much less known) in other countries. So why don't we exchange our country specific games and let scouts in other countries enjoy them as well! Therefore: the aim of this project is:

To exchange games from different language scoutwiki's by using the English scoutwiki as an intermediate.

The English scoutwiki is chosen on purpose. It may be the easiest way for interlingual exchange of information. Not only the English language is spoken at least a little bit by most of us, but otherwise translation software on the internet functions reasonable from and to English.


Cooperation is easy. It's just translation of - most of the time - not so very much text. But to let the project succeed and keep the input for translatable games coming, the following is important: For each game you copy from, you have to put (at least) one new game on first!

  1. First: Place a game on the English scoutwiki:
    1. Write a clear description of the game
    2. Preferrably put references to where you took the game from
    3. Important: Put the game in the category "Games" by placing [[Category:Games]] at the end of the game text
  2. Secondly: Copy a game from the English scoutwiki and translate it to fit on your own language scoutwiki

Project group

There is no project group intended. You can just cooperate once, with one new and one copied game, or cooperate for a very long time. The project itself is started on the initiative of Sietske from dutch language scoutwiki.

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