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:'''<font face="Verdana">[[User:Bluegoblin7|<font color="blue">BG</font>]][[User_talk:Bluegoblin7|<font color="gray">7</font>]]</font>''' 11:50, 25 March 2008 (EET)
Hello. My name is Aleksander Matsiyevskyy, my scout name is BigFox. I am ready to translate to/from Ukrainian, English, Russian, Polish (and later also Spanish) languages. I would like to start with a new Ukrainian wiki - please, can anybody create the new main page, which I am going to translate into Ukrainian? There are one scoutportal and few pages are into ukrainian languages . I am ready to work.--[[User:OUS-2|Aleksander Matsiyevskyy]] 22:13, 17 april 2009 (EET)