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(Article history after copy from WP)
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I have just created an account and copied all the State and Section articles of Scouts Australia from Wikipedia. Looking at my contributions, I see it lists 4 back in March or February of this year which clearly are edits to wikipedia, not here. Should the history be copied over when an article is copied over? If so, how? However, I note that those 4 are certainly not the sum of all my WP edits to scouting articles, even up to March when most of the copy seems to have been done. There must be hundreds going back to 2005. --[[User:Bduke|Bduke]] 03:14, 28 December 2007 (EET)
:OK, I have now found [[Help:Importing articles under GFDL]] and I had not added the version number on the edit summary for the articles I copied from WP. I have however now added the link on the talk page. I will follow the correct procedure in future. --[[User:Bduke|Bduke]] 04:46, 28 December 2007 (EET)