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New Scout Welcome Kits

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Basic Supplies


Before launching your recruiting drive - stock up on these essential items.

  1. Update Unit BeAScout Pin: - During recruitment it will be easier to point new signups to the online registration link at Only a member of the Unit Key3 can edit this item, however, it should prominently display a email to your unit recruiter/new member coordinator. Also link it to a digital online recruitment flyer (using your website).
  2. Prepare Unit One-Sheet: one-page flyer about the unit, important contacts, annual calendar of events and unit goals (Ie "have fun").
  3. Stack of Scout Interest Cards:
  4. New Scout Welcome Kits -
  5. Stack of Adult Applications:
  6. Stack of Youth Applications:
  7. Stack of Boys Life Samples:
  8. Unit Poster Exhibit:
  9. Council Resourse Room: Usually a giant library of lots of free promotional material shipped to each council from National.

  • BSA Recruiting Hub - More online resources.
  • Prepare Recruitment Station - table, tablecloth, large posters, easles, handouts, etc. (My best posters were photos of the youth doing super fun outdoor activities. I also had old boys life magazines ready to handout too.)