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Jamboree On The Internet

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Jamboree On The Internet (aka JOTI) is an international scouting event. It is held every year on the third full weekend of October. JOTI begins at midnight (localtime) between friday and saturday. The event lasts 48 hours. During the weekend scouts and guides all over the world discuss with each other via Internet using IRC, email, WWW, messaging and videoconferencing.

First official JOTI by WOSM was in the year of 1997. Before that many scouts and guides had gathered together in the internet during the Jamboree On The Air weekend.

WOSM's official JOTI is at Scoutlink IRC network channel #English. World JOTI organiser (WJO) position is currently open.

Vision 2015

The objective of Vision 2015 is to have 10% of all scouts and guides in the world to participate in JOTA-JOTI in 2015.

Since many years scouts and guides enjoy their JOTA-JOTI event. The internet offers exciting new possibilities for JOTA-JOTI. On we implemented a few things like the Weblog and JamPuz ( Jampuz Evaluation). Some national organizations implemented very successful ideas, like the “Assignment Game” by the Brazilians or local initiatives like Great stuff, but a fraction of the possibilities to make JOTA-JOTI a truly exciting and interactive weekend.

With the Program “JOTA-JOTI Vision 2015” we want to jump forward. With this Program (a group of Projects) we want to create global activities for the weekend.


  • 17.-19. October 2013