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File:Irish Girl Guides emblem.png
Logo of the Irish Girl Guides

The Irish Girl Guides is one of the organisations for Guiding in the Republic of Ireland. Together with the Catholic Guides of Ireland, it forms the Council of Irish Guiding Associations. Irish Girl Guides is one of three Guide associations on the island of Ireland. The other two are Catholic Guides of Ireland and The Guide Association - Province of Ulster. Irish Girl Guides has members in the Republic of Ireland only.

The Irish Girl Guides is divided into the following age groups:

  • Ladybird Guides - aged 5 - 7 years
  • Brownie Guides - aged 6 1/2 - 11 years
  • Guides - aged 10 1/2 - 15 years
  • senior branch - aged 14 1/2 - 21 years
  • adult volunteers


  • The Ladybird Guides uniform is a red Jumper, navy sash and navy neckerchief.
  • The Brownie Guides uniform is a yellow Jumper, navy sash and navy neckerchief.
  • The Guides uniform is a dark blue Jumper, navy sash. There are various neckerchiefs depending on one's unit membership. For example, Kilternan, Ballaly, etc. would have different colour neckerchiefs.

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