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Scouting Blauwe Kei
File:Logo sbk.gif
Type Scouts & Guides
Sections Beavers, Brownies, Cubs, Guides, Scouts, Explorers, Rover Scouts
Location Breda
District Regio de Baronie
Country the Netherlands
Continent Europe
Date Founded 1969
Website [1]

Scouting Blauwe Kei (eng; Scout group Blue Bolder) is a scout group in the South of Breda, a City in The Netherlands near the border with Belgium. The meetings always start at the playground at the Ploegstraat where the buildings are. In recent years the number of members has stabilized around 90, therefore the group should be considered as one of the largest of the city of Breda.


In 1969 the Our-Lady-of-Fatima Guide Group and the Saint Christopher Scout Group merger in the Ché Guevara group. The new group took a new neckie, a red tie bearing the portrait of her namesake Ernesto "Ché" Guevara.

In 1974 the name Che Guevara disappeared and was replaced by the more neutral name "Blauwe Kei" which is still being waged. The name Blauwe Kei comes from the street, in the eponymous city district, which was the location of their scout home. The portrait of Ché Guevara was replaced by a single blue stripe in the middle. Two years later, the Scout house completely went up in flames. Another two years later, they started the construction of a new 'temporary' scout house at the playground in Ploegstraat, next to the former house of the Fatimagroep, which came back into the hands of this group in 1990.

Meanwhile, the group has a long-term lease on the land and buildings, therefore, 30 years later, the first so temporary location doesn't seem so temporary anymore. The neckie is replaced again in 1994. This time by a blue with a thumbnail of the last tie in the bottom section.

The Scouter

Although the name "The Scouter" is used only since 1980 Scouting Blauwe Kei always had a group magazine. Previously this "Rolands Courier" was only meant for the scout troop. The oldest known version of a magazine is a billboard from 1958 from the still the Fatima Group. The Magazine tells the members of the group the group agenda and contact information. Also logs of camps and programs of the separate sections for the next month.


the group participates in several regional al national events such as the "Logging and Nature Camp Brabant" and in the past JOTA.


the group has the following age branches.