Groups:1st Scout Group of Nea Erithrea-Ekali

The 1st Scout Group of Nea Erithrea-Ekali is a scout troop in Athens, Greece.

1st Scout Group of Nea Erithrea-Ekali
Sections Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Senior Scouts
Location Nea Erithrea, Northern Athens
Country Greece
Continent Europe
Date Founded 1946, re-founded 1999

Our beginnings

Brigadier in retirement Mr. Takis Economou told Stefos Alevras in November 2009:
I was in Sea Scouts in the city of Thessaloniki. In the 6th Sea Scout group, founded in 1937 by Demetrius Pylarinos. Our meeting place was at the top turret (Pyrgaki) of the historical White Tower, 900 years old. I was in the Seagull patrol, under Marmaras. We went hiking on Chortiati mountain.

Much later, I was 20 years old, my brother John had joined the Scouts in Nea Eritrea, Athens. In 1946 we started together a Scout Troop in Ekali, where I was then living. We were assigned a public building as a meeting-place.
After a half year or so I had to leave Ekali, since then I had no contact with them.

The Nea Eritrea Scout Group was re-founded in 19?? and stoped working about 1986.
The last Scoutmaster was Manolis Diamantaras.
In 1999 it was re-founded by Yannis Iossifidis.
In October 1999 we were allowed to use two rooms of the of New Eritrea Theater.

On 1 December 1999 it was recognized by the Boy Scouts of Greece.
On September 2000 we were granted the use of a renovated "Youth Center" building at Pergamou street
In August 2001 we started erecting the great flagstaff / watchtower in our courtyard.
Our founder Yannis Iossifidis continues to assist us until today (2010)

2009, December 20, Group Leader Panos Adamopoulos led an excursion in the snow of Mountain Parnassos. Gathering at 7:30 am, departure by coach at 8 am, returning at 5 pm
In July 2010 our Cub Scouts camped at Sounio, by the sea
On Sunday 30 January 2011 the Group will cut the New Year's Pie, together with the Parents.

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