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This is a game to help kids aged 5-8 to differentiate between hazard symbols and non-hazard symbols.


  • Photocopy the symbols for the Hazard Hunt and mount on heavy paper or card;
  • Do the same with non-hazard symbols (e.g., scouts logos, happy faces, the bunny used to indicate no-testing on animals, recycling symbol, music, etc..)
  • Make enough symbols for each child to find at least two;
  • Vary the size of the symbols, because they vary in size on the labels;
  • Randomly hide many copies of the four hazard symbols around the classroom.
  • Mix in non-hazard symbols

Description of Activity

  • The children explore the classroom to find the hidden symbols;
  • They place each symbol they find in the correct pile (hazard or non-hazard symbol);
  • At the end of the activity discuss the contents in each pile.
  • Ask the children to tell what they should do to STAY SAFE when they see a hazard symbol;
  • At the end of the discussion, put the hazard symbols away in a high spot, out of sight, as if putting away hazardous chemical products.