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Duty to God (Stories)

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Duty to God - Chaplain's Aide Moment - This term has multiple usages in the Scouting Movement:

  • See Duty to God for other scouting references such as Scouting Religious Awards.

This article is for unit Chaplains and Chaplains Aides with some timely examples of the maining of Duty to God.

Article Objective

Duty to God is an important yet sensitive topic in scouting. It can be a very controversial topic because there are thousands of religious movements and traditions around the world, and many thousands more families that practice their own religious traditions. Yet understanding one's "Duty to God" is the first principle of the Scout Oath.

"The World Movement of Scouting is in a very unique position to help the different peoples and cultures of the world find common ground from among their best traditions and beliefs. By this Scouting can help promote better world citizenship and world peace." [1]

Show Scout Spirit

A scout is expected to at all times, and in all places to show Scout spirit by living the principles of the Scout Promise and Scout Law. Many of these principles are closely connected with doing your Duty to God.

Chaplain's Moment

Below are some "reflection stories" that the Chaplain's Aide can use for his Chaplain's Moment. You can share a brief thought or start a more indepth campfire discussion:

The Good Samaritan

  1. [Original statement from article author, Bryce R Hall, 2018, posted here on 01-Sept-2018]