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Comparison of Boy Scout Troop Management Software

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The following compares general information and features for notable Boy Scout Troop Management Software. This article is not all-inclusive.

General information

Software Maintainer Platform Cost
Scoutbook[1] BSA Web/Mobile/Cloud $40/year max plus $1/Scout/year
Scoutfuture *CODE FOR SALE*[2] *FOR SALE* Web/Mobile/Cloud *Program code is for sale.*
ScoutManager[3] Web/Mobile $45/year, unlimited users/scouts
ScoutMode[4] Web/Mobile Free for Scouts and Parents & $99 a year/Troop
Troopkit[5] Web $18/year
Youth Manage[6] Muskrat Software LLC[7] Web $45/year (standard)
eTrail To Eagle[8] Web $19.95 a year
Scout Soft[9] SBF Publication Company, Inc.[10] Desktop $59 for new user for 1 year[11] Scoutroom LLC[12] Web $49/year
TroopTrack[13] TroopTrack LLC[14] Web/Mobile $99/year
TroopMaster/PackMaster[15] Troopmaster Software, Inc.[16] Desktop/Web/Mobile

(add-on purchases for Web & Mobile)

$44.95/1yr, $59.95/2yr, $69.95/3yr
TroopWebHost[17] Web Host Services LLC[18] Web $99/year
TroopWebHostCS[19] Web Host Services LLC[20] Web $99/year

Table Explanation

  • Software: Name of the application
  • Maintainer: Company or group responsible for the application
  • Platform: What does it run on
  • Cost: Base pricing information. (Note, many offer multiple year discounts, renewal, or other forms of discounts. This is just the base pricing information.)


Software Pack/Troop/Crew/Ship Integrates w/BSA ScoutNet® Access By Whole Troop Shared Group Calendar Group Email Lists Duty To God Tracking LDS Finances Online Payments Mobile Web Desktop
Scoutfuture[21] troop No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
ScoutMode[22] troop Yes Yes
Scoutbook[23] pack/troop/crew Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Scout Manager[24] pack/troop Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
eTrail To Eagle[25] troop Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes
Youth Manage[26] pack/troop Yes Yes No No No No
Scout Soft[27] troop Yes No No No Yes No No[28] Yes Yes Yes No No No
Troop Track[29] pack/troop/crew/ship Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Packmaster[30] pack Yes

import/export csv files

PackMaster Web purchase req'd Yes Yes Yes Yes PackLedger purchase req'd No PackMaster Web purchase req'd PackMaster Web purchase req'd PackMaster DotNet purchase req'd for data backup
Troopmaster[31] troop/crew/ship Yes

import/export csv file

TroopMaster Web purchase req'd Yes Yes Yes Yes TroopLedger purchase req'd No TroopMaster Web purchase req'd TroopMaster Web purchase req'd TM DotNet purchase req'd for data backup
TroopWebHost[32] troop Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
TroopWebHostCS[33] pack Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Table Explanation

  • Software: Name of the application
  • Troop/Pack/Crew/Ship: Does the software work for and provide specific features for Troops, Packs, Crews, Ships, etc?
  • Integrates w/BSA ScoutNet®: Although BSA is no longer offering certification, this software syncs with BSA ScoutNet®.
  • Access By Whole Troop: Many times, software is just for troop leaders. Can the rest of the troop (scouts, parents, etc.) use it?
  • Shared Group Calendar: Is there is a group calendar of events share-able and view-able by the whole troop?
  • Group Email Lists: Does it offer a single address email that can email the whole troop?
  • Duty To God Tracking: Troops across most world religions have these awards
  • LDS: Supports specific LDS scouting requirements
  • Finances: Allows troop to track finances to some level.
  • Online Payments: Allows a Pack/Troop to accept online payments from adults/scouts for activities.
  • Web: Web-based application, accessible from any internet-enabled device
  • Mobile: Native iOS/Android mobile app or mobile-enabled website that supports core software functionality
  • Desktop: Stand-alone application installed on individual computer(s)

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