Commissioner Service Plan

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Commissioner Service Plan - BSA surveys show that most effective scout units are that get regular quality service from a scouting commissioner (ie: Unit Commissioner).

Commissioners are experienced volunteers in scouting that mentor other scouting leaders that have direct contact with scouts. Positions include Unit Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, District Commissioner, Roundtable Commissioner, Council Commissioner and even National Commissioner.


Essential training for commissioners include:

General Service Plan / District

At the start of year, the District Commissioner Corps should refresh their list of goals to serve scouting units. The District Journey to Excellence from BSA provides a great benchmark for these goals.

  1. Council Fundraising - Friends of Scouting
  2. Scout Service
    1. Scouting for Food - (FEB) Annual event. Commissioners contact each unit with information about SFF Opportunities in their neighborhood. Collect service stories and remind all units to report their service hours.

Unit Service Plan