Camp Joe Scherman

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Promise Lake at sunset.

Camp Joe Scherman (often abbreviated Camp Scherman) is a 700-acre facility owned and operated by the Girl Scout Council of Orange County (GSCOC) in Southern California. Located 5,500 feet above sea level in the San Jacinto Mountains, the scenic property features rolling terrain, towering pines, a junior Olympic-size pool, two lakes, and miles of trailing for hiking and exploring.

Camper activities include backpacking, sailing, canoing, archery, horseback riding, photography, swimming, arts & crafts, nature exploration, camping skills, games, drama, rock climbing, campfires, outdoor cooking and more.


Joe Scherman (Born 1902) was California's first state ranger and was intimately involved in GSCOC's purchase of the propety that Camp Scherman now resides upon. All 700 acres were originally owned by James Wellman a somewhat legendary big game hunter and good friend of Joe Scherman. Scherman helped GSCOC negotiate with Wellman over the property and in 1959 the first 560 acres were purchased from Wellam for $96,500. Eighteen years later, in 1977, the final 140 acres were purchased from the Wellman family to complete the property line that exists today.

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