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CHUMS Scout Patrols

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CHUMS Scout Patrols
Owner Cassell and Company
Headquarters London
Country UK
Founded 1908
Defunct 1909
Founder Cassell and Company
British Boy Scouts

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CHUMS Scout Patrols weres formed by the readers of the CHUMS boy's newspaper, in response to an invite from the Editor for boys to form their own patrols.


CHUMS "On the Watch Tower" news column reported on September 11th 1907 that Robert Baden-Powell's Scouting encampment was proposed and his recommendation that Boy Scout groups should be formed. Readers were interest in forming Scouting groups and the editor staff initial support this move indicate that Baden-Powell would be consulted. Also, that CHUMS Scouts should wear the 'Chums' League badge.[1] The CHUMS newspaper reach in the British Empire and thus CHUMS Scout Patrols formed in Australian in 1908.[2] with Baden-Powell arrangement with his publisher, Pearson, CHUMS was denied the rights to publish the Scout scheme in what was a rivial paper. Later, CHUMS indicated that there would be a CHUMS Legion of Scouts formed from the CHUMS Scout Patrols to be anounced later. Instead CHUMS announced the launch of British Boy Scouts (BBS) and that it would be the official BBS journal in May 1909.[1]

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