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The Beaumont Scout Reservation is owned and operated by the Greater St. Louis Area Council. It is located within Saint Louis County near High Ridge, Missouri. The property is 2,400 acres of wooded, rolling hills and adventure and is a multi-use property is located just off Highway 44 at the Beaumont-Antire Road exit. Beaumont offers Summer programs and camping for the Scouts, but also has facilities for business meetings or conferences that can accommodate up to 250 people.


The property for Beaumont was acquired during the late 1940s. It was dedicated in 1954. The property was the beginning of the period of transition for the St. Louis Council that would continue to 1965 with the dedication of the S-F Scout Ranch and the sale of the Irondale Scout Reservation, Lion's Den, and Bereton Explorer Base. Beaumont's summer camp is known as Camp May. Camp May was opened as a Boy Scout Camp and served in that capacity until the mid-1980s when its summer programs were redesigned to primarily serve Cub Scouts.


The Beaumont Scout Reservation four main camps along with additional facilities for year round activities.

Camp May

Camp May hosts summer camp each year at Beaumont. It includes the Emerson Center, swimming pool, and program areas. Originally oriented towards Boy Scouts this facility now primarily serves Cub Scouts.

Camp Grizzly & Cub World

Camp Grizzly and Cub World is a favorite for Scouts and parents alike. Designed specifically for Cub Scouts and families, the area contains:

  • Akela’s Council Ring: This ceremonial site is a great facility for pack and den awards ceremonies, or for having a fun filled Scout type campfire.
  • Cub World Activity Building: A large meeting room is available for pack meetings.
  • Cub World Pavilion and shelters
  • Cub Scout Family Camp: Camporee style areas available for dens and packs to enjoy tent camping. Each campsite has a picnic table, fire ring with cooking grate, and trash can. A shower facility with indoor toilets is also available year round.

These camps are also equiped with a number of activity areas for the use of Cub Scouts and families:

  • Eagle's Nest Tower: Located on one of the highest points of Beaumont Reservation is the Eagle’s Nest Tower. A three level tower more than 20 feet high offers a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside.
  • Fort Hussmann: This area provides Scouts the chance to dream about life in a frontier fort. The area contains a fort, fire ring, and picnic tables.
  • Lost Beaumont Mine: Sand and tunnels abound in this unique area. A miner’s cabin with a potbelly stove is a major feature, along with an ore wagon and panning for gold in Antire Creek.
  • Sea Wolf Pirate Ship: Relive the days of Blackbeard the Pirate. The ship contains cannons, a deck, and a lower level.
  • Sports Field: A sports field exists for softball or other sports activities in which your Cub Scout pack or den wants to participate.
  • Play Area: Swing sets, rope climbing, boulder wall climbing, and playground equipment.

Nagel Explorer Base

The Nagel Explorer Base is the home of the council’s popular horse program. Packs can come out and enjoy a picnic before boarding the wagons for horse-drawn hayrides.

Troops, crews and posts can schedule a horseback trail ride. Additionally, units can take advantage of 14 adirondacks shelters for rent. Adirondacks are three-sided structures that each have four bunks. Units can also choose to tent camp.

The Nagel Rec Hall is available for rent to all units. Use it for pack meetings or rent it out for the weekend. The hall includes 12 bunks, a refrigerator, cookstove, fireplace, and dry sink. Water and latrines are outdoors.

Other Facilities

Emerson Center

Wright Lodge, the original dining hall that had been built with the original purchase of the property, was closed for renovations in August 2004. The building was expanded making more room in the dining hall and adding more training space. In addition, the office and kitchen spaces were modernized in order to meet the present needs of the camp. The lodge reopened in June 2005 as the Beaumont Dining and Education Facility. At the annual meeting in 2009, it was announced that the building was to be renamed in honor of Emerson, who had made a large donation to the council. In September 2009, the center was re-dedicated as the Emerson Center.


Beaumont has eight cabins for unit use.

Cabin A and B: These log structures near the Camp May Parade Field are our newest additions. They each house 20 in bunks and are joined by a breezeway. Each have a wood-burning fireplace, stove, refrigerator, sink, indoor plumbing, and showers. Units provide their own firewood and cooking gear.

Cabins McBride, Jordan, Lantz, and Third Baptist: These four cabins have enough bunks to accommodate 20 people each. Each cabin contains a fireplace, woodstove, refrigerator, cookstove and dry sink. Water and latrines are outdoors. McBride and Jordan cabins are side-by-side should your unit need room for more than 20.

Beckett Cabin: This cabin is right behind the Emerson Center and houses 14 people in bunks. The smallest cabin available, it is heated by a furnace. The cabin has indoor plumbing, refrigerator, cookstove and sink. It does not have a fireplace or woodstove.

Wohl Lodge: This lodge is located next to the Emerson Center. It has a flushable toilet, a shower, and a full kitchen. This lodge sleeps 22.

Adirondacks Shelters

Beaumont has 14 Adirondack shelters available for rent. These unique shelters have three sides and use a fireplace placed near the opening for warmth.

Camping Areas

Multiple camporee areas are available for year-round camping. Lane, Shippey, Laemmli, and Nusser: areas with water and latrine facilities.

Outpost Camps

Outpost trail camps are available along Blackberry Hollow and Toad Hollow for troop hikes.


Beaumont offers a variety of activities including: Challenge Course, Climbing tower, Hayrides, Hiking, Horseback riding, Orienteering course (map & compass), Pioneering kit, and a swimming pool.

Mud Cave

Take a self-guided tour through one of the most popular spots on the property- Mud Cave! This natural cavern will take your unit into the cool depths of beautiful rock formations and limestone deposits. Mud Cave is kept locked when not in use so be sure to make a reservation through the camping department.

Shooting Sports

Archery, BB guns, Rifle, and Shotgun ranges are available.

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