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Alpine coil

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The Alpine coil is a method used by climbers for carrying a rope, such that the rope remains attached to harnesses and ready for use. It is also known as a mountaineer's coil.

Starting with the rope clipped-into a climbing harness, wrap coils of the rope over the shoulder and diagonally across the body. The coil is then wrapped with a bight of rope which is attached to the harness using a carabiner. The final clipped-knot needs to be strong enough to hold a fall, since the "actual" attachment of the rope to the harness can no longer take any weight.

The alpine coil is often used by the lead climber in a group which is walking over flat ground. When climbing steeper ground, the lead climber needs a lot more rope (typically half the coil) to climb to a safe position before bringing up the rest of the group.

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