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The World Scout Bureau is the secretariat that carries out the instructions of the World Scout Conference and the World Scout Committee. The Bureau, Conference, and Committee are the three primary components of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM).

The World Scout Bureau office is in Geneva, Switzerland, with regional offices in six areas around the world:

The World Scout Bureau is administered by the secretary general, who is supported by a small staff of technical resource personnel. The Bureau helps associations improve and broaden their Scouting by training professionals and volunteers, establishing sound financial policies and money-raising techniques, improving community facilities and procedures, and assisting in marshaling the national resources of each country behind Scouting. The staff also helps arrange global events such as World Scout Jamborees, encourages regional events, and acts as a liaison between the Scouting movement and other international organizations. A major effort in the emerging nations is the extension of the universal Good Turn into an organizationwide effort for community development.