Wolf Cubs (Baden-Powell Scouts' Association)

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Wolf Cubs
Owner Baden-Powell Scouts' Association
Age range 7.5–11
Country United Kingdom

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Wolf Cubs, usually referred to as Cubs, is the second youngest section of Scouting operated by the Baden-Powell Scouts' Association, following on from the Beaver Scouts section. The core age range for Wolf Cubs is seven and eleven, though exceptions can be granted. Individual sections of Wolf Cubs, known as a Pack, are run by the local Scout Group. After reaching the age of ten and a half, a Wolf Cub may move on to Scouts.


Wolf Cubs were established by Robert Baden-Powell in 1917, as a response to younger boys wishing to join the Scout Movement. Baden-Powell based the new programme on the Seonnee Pack, created in "The Jungle Book" by his friend Rudyard Kipling. Wolf Cubs still use "The Jungle Book" as a basis.


A Wolf Cub Pack is a section of the Scout Group aimed at children from 7.5 to 11 years. The Scout Officer in charge of the Pack will be a Cubmaster, assisted by Assistant Cubmasters and Instructors.

Wolf Cub Packs are controlled by the local Scout Group, with each pack being divided into a number of Sixes. The Wolf Cub in charge of a Pack is known as a 'Sixer', who is assisted by a 'Seconder'. Where there is an outstanding Wolf Cub, in the latter stages of the Training Scheme, they may be appointed as 'Senior Sixer'. This is a similar role to that of Senior Patrol Leader in the Scout Troop. The Senior Sixer will assist the Cubmaster.


UK Promise

The Wolf Cub promise is a variation of the Scout promise:

I promise to Do My Best.
To do my duty to God, and to the Queen,
To keep the Law of the Wolf Cub Pack,
and to do a good turn to somebody every day.

UK Motto

The Wolf Cub motto is Do Your Best.

UK Wolf Cub Law

The Cub gives in to the Old Wolf.
The Cub does not give in to himself.

UK Uniform

The Wolf Cub uniform is a green jumper and group scarf (neckerchief), a cap, or beret for girls, with grey short trousers.

International Variations

International sections of the Baden-Powell Scouts' Association have variations on the above, an example of which being the second line of B-PSA Ireland's Wolf Cub Promise, which is, "To do my duty to God, and to my country,..."

Awards and Badges

Wolf Cubs can earn a number of awards and badges. Upon investiture, Wolf Cubs are awarded the Tenderpad, which is worn on the left breast.

First and Second Stars

The First and Second Stars are awarded on the completion of activities from four activity areas. These badges are worn on the cap, either side of the cap badge, and Wolf Cubs who hav gained these awards are usually referred to as having their first and second eyes open.

Activity Badges

There are twenty two award badges that can be earned by Wolf Cubs. These are the Artist, Athlete, Book Reader, Camper, Collector, Computer, Conservation, Crime Prevention, Cyclist, Entertainer, First Aider, Friendship, Gardener, Guide, Handicraft, Hobbies, House Orderly, Observer, Scientist, Sportsman, Swimmer, Visual Communicator, and the Wolf Cub Citizenship Award.

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