Venturing Leadership Skills Course

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Venturing Leadership Skills Course (VLSC) is the first level leadership development course for Venturers in the Boy Scouts of America's Venturing program for older youth (14-21).

Unlike other youth development courses of the BSA, all Venturers in a crew are expected to participate in the course, not just the crew officers. While the course is expected to be put on by a crew (ideally by the officers and adult advisors), many councils/districts put on VLSC courses (hopefully led mainly by experienced Venturers) for their Crews. This is done mainly because many crews are too small to effectively put on the course themselves.


The course is designed to be conducted in a retreat setting running from Friday evening through Saturday night. Some groups will offer a weekend version by adding such activities as Project COPE or more examples.

The VLSC course is divided into four modules:

  • Vision
  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Synergism

Once completed, Venturers are presented with a VLSC strip patch, which is worn on their uniform, left sleeve, below their office patch (or where one will be). Even if the Venturer is not an officer, they still wear the patch. As VLSC is youth training, adults should not wear the VLSC patch.

After completing VLSC, Venturers are encourage to continue their leadership development by attending a Kodiak leadership development trek. VLSC is considered the first stage of the overall Venturing youth leadership development program called Nature of Leadership. Kodiak is considered the second, followed by Kodiak X.

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