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The UFO-game is a simple, but exciting game to play in the dark. You can play it at best at an open spot in a forest, or at another location where it's quite dark.


  • outdoor game
  • night game
  • running game
  • preparations: none
  • duration: about 30 minutes
  • material: a lamp which can be easily switched off or on
  • age: 7 to 14 (also depending on additional game rules)


A UFO is landed in the forest, near the village. The villagers need to shut the UFO down, to avoid possible threats from aliens. But be careful: this is not easily done. Surrounding the UFO there are aliens who try to defend their UFO.

The game

In the center of an open spot in the forest, a lamp is standing or hanging, which can be easily switched off or on. In the neighbourhood of the lamp, a certain amount of "aliens" (catchers) are present, armed with a torch/flashlight. Deep in the forest is the "village"; the starting point of the game, where the "villagers" start. Their goal is to shut the lamp down. However, if they are spotted by an alien (shining on them with their flashlight/torch) the villagers have to return to their starting point. If the lamp is switched off, the aliens put it back on, until they are fed up with it and surrender.

This game can be exciting enough as it is. However, if you want to put some kind of "goal" in it, apart from just switching off the lamp as many times as is possible, you may divide the group of villagers in two teams. At the starting point, every villagers gets a coin in the color of the team. When the lamp is switched of by a villager, the villager drops his coin in a can near the lamp. At the end of the game, the coins of each color are counted.


  • "The killing beam": When an alien shines on a villager, and the villager stands still like a statue as long as the alien shines on him, the villager is "not seen" by the alien and can continue his path when the alien is not longer pointing his flashlight/torch at him.
  • During daytime, the UFO (the lamp) can be replaced with a bell, a bag of cookies or something else. The aliens can than catch the villagers by touching them

Sources and references

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