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This game is played outside in a forrest.

How to play this game?

Players choose a Timberman. He gets a small head start and runs to some tree he chooses. Timberman grasps to the tree with his hands and legs as firmly as he can.

All other players run after Timberman. First one who catches Timberman puts his arms around his waist, second player puts his arms around first players waist etc until there is a queue. Then everybody starts to pull down the tree. (Note: Timberman should choose a tree that really does not fall down).

Player who lets go his grasp falls of the game and steps aside. Others keep up the queue and start pulling again.

The game is over either if Timberman is pulled off the tree or the Timberman and last player/players cannot find out who is the best.


  • You are not allowed to pull from clothes!
  • Timberman should be a strong leader but sometimes cubscouts can be very sticky
  • Game is nicer if players are same age or size
  • If Timberman is fast runner, he can keep players running after him for a while in the forrest
  • This game is excellent if there is a lot of snow