The Association of Belarusian Guides

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The Association of Belarusian Guides (ABG, Ассоциация белорусских гайдов) is the Belarusian member organization of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), with a membership of 1,274 Girl Guides (as of 2003).

Belarusian Guiding started in 1922 in the then Polish parts of present Belarus. In 1992, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the restart of Guiding was supported by WAGGGS, for example the leader training was undertaken by the Girl Guides Association of Cyprus. The association became a member of WAGGGS in 1996.

Since the nuclear accident at Chernobyl, neighboring Belarus received some of the highest levels of radiation; the results of which can still be seen in the environment and in the health of the population. Svetlana Korotkevich, International Commissioner of the Association of Belarusian Girl Guides, is working on its Chernobyl project to raise awareness of the ongoing problems resulting from the disaster and to encourage associations in other countries to welcome groups of Belarusian children in order to give them a healthy break in a "clean" environment.

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