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{{#invoke:Message box|mbox}}


  • Please place this template at the bottom (not the top) of the page, where readers will look for the categories.
  • This template will add tagged pages to Category:Category needed or subcategories thereof.
  • It detects the namespace and adjusts the wording accordingly.
  • Please do not subst: this template.
  • The following code is the recommended use; it will produce the uncategorized template with an appropriate date as its parameter:
  • Alternatively, {{Uncat}} will suffice.


  1. {{Classify}}
  2. {{CatNeeded}}
  3. {{Catneeded}}
  4. {{Uncategorised}}
  5. {{Uncat}}
  6. {{Categorize}}
  7. {{Categories needed}}
  8. {{Categoryneeded}}
  9. {{Category needed}}
  10. {{Category requested}}
  11. {{Categories requested}}
  12. {{Nocats}}
  13. {{Categorise}}
  14. {{Nocat}}
  15. {{Uncat-date}}
  16. {{Uncategorized-date}}
  17. {{Needs cat}}
  18. {{Needs cats}}
  19. {{Cats needed}}
  20. {{Cat needed}}
  21. {{UncategorizedTemplate}}

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