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Sources and references

Sources and references:


Important note: This page is only free for use in (non-commercial) scouting and guiding related purposes under the conditons of the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL).
If you edit this page, you will agree that your contributions to this page are released under the GFDL as well.


To show sources and references in a uniform way. The use of this template is encouraged above just citing the sources.


The template is placed below the article: below external links, but above the categories. If an external source is a website, you can use the template as follows:

* [http// Name of website] (and the date of last visitation of this website for editing) 

In the example below you can find the syntaxis of a reference. In this case the first source is a book, the second one a contribution to a booklet, and the third one an article in a (scientific) paper:

* Surname, initial(s) (year of publication) ''Title of the book''. Place of publication: Name publicist.
* Surname of contributing author, initials contributing author (year of publication) "Title contribution", in: Surname, initial(s) (year of publication) ''Title of the book''. Place of publication: Name publicist, pp. startpage - end page
* Surname, initial(s) (year of publication) "Title article", ''Title paper'', year, number, pp. startpage - end page
If the author is unknown, you can take the publicitor (for example the name of the newspaper where the article was published in, or the organisation which spreads the leaflet in which the article appeared)

Change title

If you want, you can change the title of the template to the amount of sources. In the following example, the title is "Books" instead of "Sources and references".

* [http// Name website] (and additional info if desired)