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Talako Lodge #533, Order of the Arrow:

The Order of the Arrow (OA) is the National Honor Society of the Boy Scouts of America for Boy Scouts, Venturers, and Scouters elected by their fellow Scouts according to OA membership requirements, and inducted into membership by an OA lodge. The OA has been providing cheerful service to others through youth and adult OA members (known as "Arrowmen") in various lodges and councils throughout the USA since July 1915.

Lodge History

Talako Lodge has a history predating it's formation as a chartered lodge in the Order of the Arrow. It's history is intertwined with the summer camps of Marin Council, and was formerly known as the Tribe of Talako and the Tribe of Pahatsi.

Tribe of Pahatsi (1941-1949)

In 1941, the Tribe of Pahatsi was established. It was the camp staff that led the Tribe which soon grew in complexity and in numbers. During the 1940’s, all Scouts who went to camp were inducted into this organization. They were canoed to the island in the lake and initiated, after which camp projects were performed. The Tribe functioned only at a camp. There were several ranks in the Tribe of Pahatsi. This camp area was in use through 1949.

Tribe of Talako (1950-1957)

In 1950, Marin Council acquired Camp Marin Sierra which located off of Highway 20, near Highway 80. Because of this change, a new name was to be selected for the Tribe. The Lodge chose a Choctaw Native American name “Talako”, which pertains to the eagle, it being the highest rank in Scouting and the Nation’s symbol. At this time, specific requirements for membership were established, other than just being preset at camp. An Indian singing and dance group was started and took the name “Antelope Society.” The Tribe continued to provide service to the camp with little outside organization involvement.

Talako Lodge Formation (1958)

In the mid 1950’s, the tribe was urged to become chartered with the Order of the Arrow. There was much resistance on the part of the Tribal members, especially from those who held the higher rank. National would allow transfer of rank to honor, but only to the Ordeal and Brotherhood honors. It was not until 1958 that Talako Lodge was chartered by the National Committee of the Order of the Arrow. The first Lodge Chief was Denis Johnson.

MC Council

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Marin Council (MC) (local council #035) of the Boy Scouts of America operates this scouting district. It serves a Marin County of Central California. It is one of six councils serving the San Francisco Bay Area. Marin County's Scouting community was born just six months after the national Boy Scouts of America organization in 1910.

Council Camps