Stockgrower's Lash

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Stockgrower's Lash
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Category lashing
Origin Used by Canadian stockgrowers to close barbed wire gates.
Related Versatackle knot, trucker's hitch(ABoK #2124) both use rope as pulleys.
Releasing Slipknot
Typical use gates or other areas where parrelle timbers are lashed, and ease of releasing is importaint
ABoK Not in ABoK

The stockgrower's lash is used to pull and hold closed barbed wire gates. It allows tight gates to be closed without a stretcher by using the tractor post and latch post of a gate as pulleys. This is an important knot to understand even by anyone who comes across such a gate and should be understood before going hiking, hunting or any other outdoor activities as gates when open should be closed properly out of respect for landowners.


Securing barbed wire gates. It can be used to as a closable lashing on any gate which does not touch the post or allows space for the rope to pass, or to pull together two objects as a binding.


Tie an adjustable grip hitch, tautline hitch, or Tarbuck knot to a post or other fixed object. When closing a gate wrap the rope around the tractor post, the upturned post, then the latch post and the repeat three times then wrap around the tractor post so that you are pulling the tractor post towards the latch post, once snug, pull the loose end under the wraps and tight against the post.


If one has a lariat the loop can be tied around the latch post, lashing is tied the same.

The stockgrowers' lash can be used to pull to posts together so they can be secured by other means such as a wire hoop.