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List of knots

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This '''list of knots''' includes many alternate names for common knots. The [[overhand knot]], for example, is also known as the [[thumb knot]]. The [[figure-of-eight knot]] is also known as the [[savoy knot]] or the [[Flemish knot]].
*[[adjustable bend]]
*[[adjustable hitch]]
*[[bachmann knot]]
*[[bag knot]]
*[[carrick bend]]
*[[carrick mat]]
*[[diagonal lashing]]
*[[diamond knot]]
*[[double figure eight bend]]
*[[double figure eight]]
*[[Double fisherman knot]] or Double Englishman knot
*[[double loop]]
*[[dropper loop]]
*[[Dutch marine bowline]]
*[[falconer's knot]]
*[[farmer's loop]]
*[[figure-of-eight loop]]
*[[Fiodor knot]]
*[[fireman's chair knot]]
*[[fisherman's bend]]
*[[Flemish bend]]
*[[Flemish knot]]
*[[half hitch]]
*[[handcuff knot]]
*[[hangman's knot]]
*[[heaving line bend]]
*[[highwayman's hitch]]
*[[honda knot]]
*[[hunter's bend]]
*[[racking bend]]
*[[reef knot]]
*[[ring hitch]]
*[[ring knot]]
*[[rolling hitch]]
*[[Rosendahl bend]]
*[[sailor's hitch]]
*[[savoy knot]]
*[[slippery hitch]]
*[[span loop]]
*[[Spanish Bowline]]
*[[surgeon's knot]]
*[[surgeon's loop]]
*[[tarbuck knot]]
*[[taut-line hitch]]
*[[tom fool's knot]]
*[[trident loop]]
*[[triple bowline]]
*[[trucker's hitch]]
*[[two half hitches]]
*[[two strand overhand knot]]
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Ashley's Book of Knots ISBN 0-385-04025-3
==External links==
[[pt:Lista de nós]]
[[fi:Luettelo solmuista ja köytöksistä]]

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