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[[Image:Bah.jpg|thumb|Membership badge of The Scout Association of the Bahamas]]
'''The Scout Association of the Bahamas''', the national [[Scouting]] organization of the [[Bahamas]], was brought to the Bahamas by the British and was officially founded in [[1913]], and became a member of the [[World Organization of the Scout Movement]] in [[1974]]. The coeducational Scout Association of the Bahamas has 998 members as of [[2004]].
The Scout program receives considerable public support from the community and recognition from the government. Scouts are involved in conservation of endangered species of [[fish]]. [[Sea Scouting]] is an important element of Scouting in the Bahamas. The program emphasis is on developing the consciousness of youth towards education and participation in the community, as well as the values of the family.
== See also ==
==See also==
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* [[The Bahamas Girl Guides Association]]
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[[Category:WOSM member organizations|Scout Association of the Bahamas]]
[[fr:The scout association of the Bahamas]]


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