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*British Scouting Overseas Rest of the World
*British Scouting Overseas Rest of the World

==Countries and groups ==
**[[1st Waterloo (International) Scout Group]]
**[[1st Brussels (British) Scout Group]]
**[[S.H.A.P.E.|1st Shape Scouts]]
**[[1st The Hague Scout Group]]
**[[Hilversum International Scout Group]]
**[[Telstar International Scout Group]]
**1st Bielefeld
**1st Bruggen
**1st Detmold
**1st Gutersloh
**1st Hameln
**1st Herford
**1st Hohne
**1st Munster
**1st Nord Park
**1st Paderborn/Sennelager
**1st Rheindahlen

[[nl:British Scouting Overseas]]
[[nl:British Scouting Overseas]]


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