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** [[Danske Baptisters Spejderkorps]] (Danish Baptists' Scout Association)
** [[Det Danske Spejderkorps]] (The Danish Scout Association), with
::*** [[Dansk Spejderkorps Sydslesvig]] (Danish Scout Association of Southern Schleswig)
** [[Grønlands Spejderkorps|Kalaallit Nunaanni Spejderit Kattufiat - Grønlands Spejderkorps]] (Greenland Scout Association)
** [[Føroya Skótaráð]] (Faroese Scout Council), with
::*** ''Føroya Skotasamband'' (Faroese Scout Association)::*** ''KFUM-Skotarnir i Føroyum'' (YMCA-Scouts of the Faroe Islands), with::**** ''Skótalið Frelsunarhersins'' (Salvation Army Scouts)
** [[KFUM-Spejderne i Danmark]] (YMCA-Scouts of Denmark), with
::*** ''Metodistkirkens Spejdere i Danmark'' (Methodist Scouts of Denmark)
* [[Pigespejdernes Fællesråd Danmark]] (Joint Committee of Girl Guides in Denmark, 22,090 members), member of WAGGGS
** ''Danske Baptisters Spejderkorps''
** [[De grønne pigespejdere]] (The Green Girl Guides - YWCA)
** ''Det Danske Spejderkorps'', with
::*** ''Dansk Spejderkorps Sydslesvig''
** ''Føroya Skótaráð'', with
::*** ''Føroya KFUK Skótar'' (Faroese YWCA-Scouts)::*** ''Føroya Skótasamband''
** ''Kalaallit Nunaanni Spejderit Kattufiat - Grønlands Spejderkorps''
* Sct. Georgs Gilderne i Danmark (The National Scout and Guide Fellowship of Denmark, 7,000 members), affiliated to [[International Scout and Guide Fellowship]]<ref>{{cite web|title=Sct. Georgs Gilderne i Danmark-The National Scout and Guide Fellowship of Denmark A brief presentation |url=|accessdate =2009-09-30|publisher=Sct. Georgs Gilderne i Danmark }}</ref>

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