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Orange County Council

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[[Image:csp_{{PAGENAMEEInfobox WorldScouting | name=Orange County Council #039 | image=Orange_County_Council_CSP.png | width1 = 225 | totem= | type=Council | location= 1211 East Dyer Road, Santa Ana, CA 92705 | coords= | f-date= | defunct= | founders= | founder= | members= | chiefscouttitle=Commissioner | chiefscout= | chiefscouttitle2=President | chiefscout2= | chiefscouttitle3=Executive | chiefscout3= | website= | portal=no}}.jpg|right]]The '''{{PAGENAME}}(OCC)''' is a [[local council]] (#039) of the [[Boy Scouts of America]] located in the state and covers all of Orange County, [[Scouting in California|California]].
==Council History==
Founded in 1920 as the '''Orange County Council''',<ref>[ Orange County - 1910 to 1929]</ref> the council was formed by the merger of the North Orange Council (#037) and the Orange Empire Council (#039) in 1972. The North Orange Council was founded in 1944 as the Northern Orange County and changed its name to North Orange in 1965.<ref name="CSP Book">{{cite book |last1=Hook|first1=James |last2=Franck |first2=Dave|last3=Austin|first3=Steve |year=1982 |title=An Aid to Collecting Selected Council Shoulder Patches with Valuation |url=}}</ref>
==Council Patches==
The council is served by the [[Order of the Arrow]] Lodge
== References ==
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