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'''Cavandoli macrame''' is a variety of macrame that is able to form geometric patterns and/or free-form patterns like weaving.
Common materials used in macrame include cotton twine, hemp, leather or [[yarn]]. Jewelry is often made in combination of both the knots and various [[beads]] (glass, wooden, etc.), pendants or shells. Sometimes 'found' focal points are used for necklaces, such as rings or [[gemstones]] either wire-wrapped to allow for securing or captured in a net-like array of intertwining [[overhand knots]]. Leather or fabric belts are another accessory often created via macrame techniques. Most friendship bracelets exchanged among schoolchildren and teens are created using this method as well.
For larger decorative pieces such as wall hangings or window coverings, a work of macrame might be started out on a wooden or metal dowel, allowing for a spread of dozens of cords that are easy to manipulate. For smaller projects, push-pin boards are available specifically for macrame, although a simple corkboard works adequately enough. Many craft stores offer beginners' kits, work boards, beads and materials ranging in price for the casual hobbyist or ambitious craftsperson. Vendors at theme parks, malls and other public places may sell such macrame jewelry or decoration as well.


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