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First aid

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=== Preserving Life ===
As the key skill to first aid is preserving life, the single most important training a first aider can receive is in the primary diagnosis and care of an unconscious or unresponsive patient. The most common [[mnemonic]] used to remember the procedure for this is [[ABC (first aid)|ABC]], which stands for '''[[Airway]]''', '''[[Breathing]]''' and '''[[Circulation]]'''
In order to preserve life, all persons require to have an open airway - a clear passage where air can move in through the [[mouth]] or [[nose]] through the [[pharynx]] and down in to the lungs, without obstruction. [[Conscious]] people will maintain their own airway automatically, but those who are unconscious (with a [[Glasgow coma scale|GCS]] of 3) may be unable to maintain a patent airway, as the part of the brain which normally autonomously controls this, may not be functioning.


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