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[[Image:--TurkmenistanstampsBP.jpg|thumb|Turkmen postage stamps with Scout motifs, juxtaposing [[Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell|Baden-Powell]] and [[Princess Diana]]]]
There is no formal [[Scouting]] organization yet in Turkmenistan, due to the political situation and because Turkmenistan refuses to join any organization because of its "status of permanent neutrality," which was accepted by the United Nations General Assembly on [[December 12]], [[1995]]. The only widespread outreach activities for Turkmen children between ages 8 and 14 are 10 to 14 day [[Summer camp|camps]] that do not provide any [[education]]aleducational components, but organize some cultural events like concerts, poems and ance competitions.
With the death of [[Saparmurat Niyazov]] on [[December 21]], [[2006]], the situation may change rapidly, possibly opening for the expansion of Scouting.


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