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<!-- ===Introduction=== -->
'''ScoutLink''' is a free, safe and supervised [[IRC]] Chat network for Scouts and Guides worldwide. It has obtained approval from the [[World Organization of the Scout Movement]] as the official IRC network for Scouts. The ScoutLink IRC Network comprises many servers across most of the world's continents, kindly donated by members of Scout and Guide Associations around the world and supporters of these associations. These servers are managed by the ScoutLink Tech Team.
ScoutLink is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week not just during [[JOTI]].
ScoutLink is managed by a Global Council, consisting of all Country (CCs), Region (RCs) and Specialist Co-ordinators around the world. These Co-ordinators are supported by teams of IRC Operators and Channel Operators and are responsible for promoting and growing ScoutLink in the particular country or region they represent.
== History ==
''Used with permission from Brad Parson & [ ScoutLink Australia]''
For a few years a server in Basel, Switzerland was the ScoutLink hub. It is now a server in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. Scoutlink now consists of approximately 20 servers on 3 of the 6 continents and several hundred users. JOTI is ScoutLink's main event, and is always in preparation for. It’s over this weekend that ScoutLink attracts its highest numbers and growing from year to year, the record was broken in 2004 where it climbed to 4630 simultaneous connections.
== Rules ==
Individual channels on ScoutLink can set channel-specific rules but there are some rules which are commonly enforced over the entire network such as:
* Conduct - Users should conduct themselves according to their Scout Oath/Law and Promise. Please remember you will be held responsible for anyone using your computer or nickname on the network.
ChanOps have the power to remove (Kick) and ban users from channels while IRCops have the power to remove (Kill) users from the Network and also to ban them for a period of time (G-line.) The IRCops can also silence disruptive users on ScoutLink (Zombie).
== Channels (chatrooms) ==
Each channel (IRC term for chatroom) on ScoutLink has a different purpose. Users are asked to join the appropriate one for their uses.
To get a full list of available channels on ScoutLink in your IRC Client type: /list
== ScoutLink Events ==
The main event of the year for ScoutLink is the World Scout Jamboree On The Internet ([[JOTI]]) that is held on the third weekend of October every year. During the 2004 JOTI ScoutLink broke its record and had 4630 simultaneous connections to the network.
The ScoutLink United Kingdom Team also organise a New Years Bash (NYB) in which users from all over Europe gather together in the UK (usually a different location each time) and celebrate the New Year together.
== ScoutLink Global Council ==
The ScoutLink Global Council, simply known as the Council, is the ultimate decision-making body of the ScoutLink IRC Network. The Council consists of all the CCs and RCs elected to represent the users of various countries and regions worldwide, the TechTeam Co-ordinator, Network Co-ordinator, other Specialist Co-ordinators and their deputies and is responsible for the overall management of the network.
The Council is headed by a Chairperson and supported by a Secretary who are elected by rotation of the Council membership every twelve months. The Council meets on a monthly basis to discuss the various issues that may arise. This can be anything from the opening or closing of channels to large JOTI-related issues. It is their job to make decisions in the best interests of all users of the network.
== ScoutLink Tech Team ==
The ScoutLink Tech Team (TT) comprises a number of technical minded persons, led by the Tech Team Co-ordinator (TTC), who are responsible for the technical upkeep of the network.
Membership of the ScoutLink TT is by invitation only after discussion of current members of the team.
== See also ==
*[[Jamboree on the Internet]]
== References ==
*[ ScoutLink IRC]
*[ ScoutLink Australia]


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