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The '''Faraday flashlight''' is another design of mechanically-powered sold via [[direct marketing]] campaigns beginning in [[2002]].
The Faraday flashlight contains a [[super capacitor]] and charging mechanism that uses induction to power a high-intensity white [[LED]] array. Simply shaking the light for about thirty seconds provides about five minutes of light. Shaking the unit for 10 to 15 seconds every 2 or 3 minutes as necessary permits the device to be used continuously. This particular design of flashlight is documented in [[United States patent]] #6729744.
Inside the flashlight, a sliding magnet moves back and forth inside a [[solenoid]], or a spool of copper wire. Current is induced through the loops in the copper wire to create a current per [[Faraday's law of induction]]. This charges a capacitor, which essentially acts as a short-term battery. To produce light, the capacitor powers an array of LEDs.


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