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The '''Mortimer L. Schiff Scout Reservation''', located in northern [[New Jersey]], was a major Boy Scout training facility for almost 50 years. It was named after [[Mortimer L. Schiff]], the father of [[John M. Schiff]]; both of whom were [[World Scout Committee]] members and notable early [[Boy Scouts of America]] (BSA) leaders.
The original reservation comprised 400 acres camp near Mendham, New Jersey and was in operation from 1932-1979. It was formally dedicated on [[October 18]], [[1933]]. The land was purchased for the BSA by Mrs. Jacob Schiff in memory of her son, Mortimer, who died an untimely death while President of the BSA in 1931. During this time it served as the BSA's National Training Center, the Ellsworth H. Augustus International Scout House, and the first [[Wood Badge]] courses held in the United States.
After the 1979 move of the BSA National Headquarters from New Brunswick, New Jersey to Arlington Texas, the [[Philmont Scout Reservation]] in [[New Mexico]] became the new home of the National Training Center.
Upon its closing, Nassau County Council's Camp Wauwepex in [[Wading River, New York]] was renamed to [[John M. Schiff Scout Reservation]] in honor of Moritmer's son, John.
The grave of [[William "Green Bar Bill" Hillcourt|Green Bar Bill]] lies within the '''Mortimer L. Schiff Scout Reservation''', now within the geographic scope of the [[Scouting in New Jersey|Patriots Path Council]]. Today over 310 acres of the original 500 acres of the camp are used by the [[Schiff Nature Preserve]].
*[http://www.woodbadge.org/wbgbbWB.htm Wood Badge history]
== See also ==
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