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The concept of Scouting is at least marginally understood in Turkmenistan, as Turkmenistan issued [[postage stamps]] for the [[October 7]], [[1997]] 90th anniversary of the [[The Scout Association|Boy Scouts]]; as well as other Turkmen postage stamps with Scout motifs and showing a heavy, darkish colored [[fleur-de-lis]]. Of course this does not necessarily mean complete understanding, and the stamps may well simply have been produced for the sake of marketability, but it shows that the concept of Scouting exists at some level in Turkmenistan.
With the [[1991]] [[History of the Soviet Union (1985-1991)|breakup]] of the Soviet Union, it was suggested that the [[Türkiye İzcilik Federasyonu]] assist in the creation of Scouting movements in the Turkic [[Central Asia]]nAsian republics of [[Organization of the Scout Movement of Kazakhstan|Kazakhstan]], [[Scouting in Kyrgyzstan|Kyrgyzstan]], Turkmenistan and [[Scout Association of Uzbekistan|Uzbekistan]], but it is uncertain if this plan ever materialized.
The Scout Motto would be ''Daima Häzir'', translating as ''Be Prepared'' in Turkmen, note similarities to [[Azerbaijani language|Azeri]] and [[Turkish language|Turkish]] mottoes. The Turkmen noun for a single Scout would be Skaut or İzci. Given recent flux in the [[Turkmen language]], an entirely different name may be decided upon.


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